June 2015

Jimi has been asked to repress his last three albums following strong sales and healthy demand by UK and international distributors Highlander Music and Book Source.. This follows his decision last year NOT to license his music to a Dutch based music company who were keen to distribute his albums around the world.
"It was extremely flattering to have been asked. However, after much consideration I decided to decline their kind offer" said Jimi. "Bottom line was they were looking for something overtly stereotypical and gimmicky. No disrespect to anyone but I'd rather go climb a mountain, spend time with family, or do some leafleting for the YES movement here in Scotland than go down that road.
" I know most of my fellow Scots find all that Brig O' Doon/Braveheart stuff highly embarrassing so why help perpetuate the nonsense?
"My music is selling ok. The gig diary is healthy. Must be doing something right. Why change?"
Jimi has a busy summer of piping engagements and ambassadorial duties for clan MacRae lined up. He has released a new song/music video to help mark the international gathering of clan MacRae in Scotland this July/August.  Theid Mi Dhachaid (I Will return Home) can be found in the blog section of this site (blog dated June 9)

May 2014

'Last King of Pictland' - Story So far............

Jimi's new album is striking the right notes with music lovers around the world.. Sales are strong. Reviews are good (scroll down blog page to see some examples). A national distribution deal has been secured. Now a Dutch music company is seeking to license his music to promote in mainland Europe. This follows a hugely successful string of performances in Amsterdam this month.. Jimi will be flying back to the Dutch capital soon to finalize the details..

So far over 30,000 people have watched three promotional videos for tracks on Jimi's new album, with 14,500 views for his latest, 'Pig Man Goes to Edinburgh', alone. Jimi plans to produce another 'Pig Man' adventure over the summer months and is already working on a new story..

All music videos can be viewed at You Tube page :

Jimi  has been working with 'dance music' producers in Northern Italy on a special Scottish rap song due for release this summer. He is also busy with a long list of piping commitments and bookings around Scotland and Europe.

February 2014
                                    Album Release!

Copies of Jimi's new album 'Last King of Pictland' are available to buy at this site's shop.  New videos, background info and more purchasing details here:

The album is also for sale and all tracks available to download/stream at on-line music stores. Search you favourite for Jimi McRae 'Last King of Pictland'.

December 2013
                                    New Album

2013 has been a vintage year for Jimi. He's currently adding the finishing touches to
a sixth studio album to be released early next year. Jimi described this new project as his most ambitious and innovative to date.
"I'd been composing new material for some time" said Jimi. "However, everything really began taking off
in January 2013. I'd recorded some early demos and invited a drummer pal of mine into the
studio to put down some grooves.
"This went really well  and we decided to take things further by bringing in an electric guitar. This was done
by another very good friend and from there everything just snowballed."
The album will comprise of nine tracks, which mix original and traditional influences. Jimi shares writing credits with his friends on a couple.
"It's been fun and very enjoyable"he added. "The best recording experience for me, by far".
So what's the new album called? "Cannae say right now cos the title's a secret" smiled Jimi. "You'll find out
on release day".  Jimi hoped that would be late November/early December. However, constraints on
available studio time and art work preparations have put this back to early 2014. Watch this space!!

                                             Frankie Millar and the Quireboys

Jimi is also piping on a new album of Frankie Millar songs recorded with some famous names in the
music business. On vocals is Spike, lead singer with UK rock band 'The Quireboys'. 
"Spike's a great rock n roll singer and a really good lad who grew up in Newcastle and Northumbria just across the border" said Jimi. "He has strong family links with Scotland and loves the pipes".
Spike, Jimi and the rest of the Quireboys teamed up at the launch of a charity single featuring the Scottish
Rugby team last week..
Here's a video link to live performance of 'A Bottle of Whisky' featuring Jimi and Scots music swengali  Donald Macleod at the Quireboys Glasgow gig that night, 11/10/13 . The second vid features a nice shot of Frankie at the end.. Song available to download and also as a cd single.



  1. Hi,

    Love this music so much, would love to reach Jimi about some photography work, free of charge, i'm a Macrae too. Shoot all day to this music in my studio!

    Do you have a contact or e mail I contact PR on? Desperate to do the next Jimi the Piper photography!

    Lou :)

    1. Hi Lou! Just seem your comment on my blog from last August.. So sorry for the delay getting back in touch..Apologies. You can email me at, or, find me on facebook as jimimcrae.
      Sgurr Uaran!