Monday, 22 June 2015

Jimi piping on 'Hope Over Fear' album

Jimi has been asked to contribute pipe music to a very special 'Hope Over Fear' compilation album due for release this summer. This follows acclaimed performances at huge pro-Scottish independence rallies held in George Square, Glasgow attended by thousands. Other artists to be featured include top Scottish folk/protest singers Gerry Cinnamon and Kevin Gore plus a variety of exciting, young working class acts . Hope Over Fear organiser Trish Byrne said album sales would help meet the costs of staging more rallies around Scotland. "We hope to raise awareness of our campaign for an Independent Scotland and also showcase the musical talent we have here" she added. "Hope Over Fear merchandise is sold online. We get orders from all over the world which is fantastic so hopefully our cd will reach those places too". Jimi is happy to be support such a worthy cause and will be contributing several tracks including the one below. He will also be performing at the next Hope Over Fear rally in Glasgow on September 19.. Alba Gu Brath!




Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New release .... Theid Mi Dhachaid (I will go home)

Jimi has released a new song/music video to mark the international gathering of Clan MacRae in Scotland in July and the 300th anniversary of the battle of Sheriffmuir this November.

Theid Mi Dhachaid (I will go home) sees Jimi combine Gaelic song/poetry with ancient Highland Pibroch (pipe music) in a unique tribute to his clan.

Follow Jimi as he journeys from the old Sheriffmuir battlefield (where over 50 MacRaes died almost to a man, fighting for the House of Stuart) over mountains and passes to the ancient clan Macrae heartland of Kintail.

Music is an arrangement of Spaidsearachd Mhic Rath (The MacRaes' March) which dates from 1491. Words are an arrangement of Theid Mi Dhachaid 'Chro Chinn T-Saille. (I will return to the cattle fold of Kintail) An English translation is included in the video notes.

The song is available to download at all good on-line music stores. A link to I Tunes is included at the bottom of the video.

Jimi's music is in demand. He has been asked to repress his last three albums following strong sales through UK and international distributors Highlander Music and Book Source. He is looking forward to a busy summer of piping engagements and ambassadorial duties for clan MacRae. Jimi also has plans to release two more music videos showcasing tracks from his most recent album release 'Last King of Pictland'.