VOLK WELT (folk world) GERMANY  Review of 'Last King of Pictland' (January 2015)

 Great album!! If you like bagpipes and rock music - a bit dark and mystical - try it. I received my copy last week and have been playing it non stop since. All the songs are brilliant. *thumbs up*

CELTIC WAYS.COM - Review of 'Last King of Pictland' (February 2016) by John Wilmott.

I really enjoyed this album. An immensely enjoyable listening experience. Plenty rocking bagpipe music here, kicking off with 'Na Criochan' and title track 'Last King of Pictland'. There is also some surprisingly absorbing reflection on ancient mythology that allows Jimi to take the bagpipes in barrier breaking directions. Nine outstanding tracks. My favourite changes with every listen.

MUSICSCOTLAND.COM - Review of 'Last King of Pictland' (April 2014)

A sixth studio album by Scottish piper Jimi McRae, with his unique creative flair blending traditional bagpipes with many different genres.
This album comprises six original compositions and three traditional arrangements, Jimi remains respectful of traditions but continues to push the boundaries of the instrument.
The CD featues a variety of styles including heavy metal, progressive rock, traditional Greek, Scottish and Irish and more all combined with a modern edge.
Jimi McRae (aka Jimi The Piper) is based in the Edinburgh area and he started playing bapipes at the tender age of 10. Three decades on Jim continues to bring his music to audiences and has toured Europe, North America and Asia with dynamic live shows. Solo, with a band, or simply 'jammin' with pals, a Jimi performance is never to be missed..
Musicians on this album are: Jimi McRae (highland, lowland, border, arabic and electronic pipes, keyboard, chanting), Rob Wrong (lead guitar), Eric Clark (drums, guitar), Crispin Caunter (didgeridoo), David Little (drums, percussion), Dave Haswell (percussion), Rod Christie (guitar/bass), Simon Hay (bass).
Recorded at studios in Scotland and Portland, Oregon, USA. ENJOY!

CELTIC MUSIC MAGAZINE - Review of 'Global Gathering' (February 20 2012) by Catherine Tulley

'A great collection of tunes. If you're looking to add a truly original cd to your collection, this would qualify in a heartbeat. The arrangements are carefully done to make sure that the sound comes off smoothly. What could be jarring is interesting instead as he explores a range of sounds and styles. McRae has found himself a unique niche and filled it well. I have never heard anything quite like McRae and I doubt I will down the line. Some people just see things differently and it comes out when they play. It's the mark of a true artist, and I can say with conviction that Jimi the Piper fits this category'.

CELTICMP3.COM - Review of 'Scottish Pipes & African Drums' (January 2011)

 'Get ready for something different! Jimi McRae teams up with Sam Okoo on African Drums for a blended sound that has great depth and a unique flavour. The steady pulsing rhythm of the drums works nicely with the power of the pipes.
McRae  brings his usual energy to the CD and is willing to stretch the bounds of traditional arrangements - but without losing the  traditional sound and feel of the pipes that so many people love.
He just makes you think about things a little differently. A most enjoyable CD'

 BBC RADIO SCOTLAND - Review of 'Scottish Pipes & African Drums' (Februay 2010)

"Uplifting, unpretentious and happy music played with great skill. Feel good music from Scotland"

FROOTS MUSIC MAGAZINE - Review of 'Global Gathering' (March 2010)

"Another engaging CD from the globetrotting bagpiper and legendary busker. Traditional tunes and Jimi's own compositions are performed with rhythmic, cosmopolitan flair on pipes (Highland, Lowland, Arabic and electronic) plus didgeridoo, cittern, keyboards, djembe, udu, bongos, shakers, tambourine and drums.

THE SCOTSMAN NEWSPAPER - Jim Gilchrist on 'Global Gathering' (July 2009)

"A very satisfying listening experience. It features exuberantly Jimi-esque layerings of Highland and small pipes, percussion, drums, electronics and the odd digeridoo. Deserves to be a big success"

ALLCELTICMUSIC.COM - 'Global Gathering' review (Jan 2010)

'Big, lively, stridently stirring pipes and drums that get the blood coursing through the veins. Geared up as a tribute to the Clan MacRae, the music can and will travel much further than that.
Well worth hearing."

INVERNESS COURIER - Review of 'Earthdance' (July 2002)
 A piper for the 21st Century, fusing modern influences and ancient instruments better than most of his peers"

THE LIST - Review of 'Earthdance' (September 2002)
"Tartan stereotypes are tossed aside as McRae's skill proves the pipes as powerful, moving and diverse as any instrument"

FROOTS - Review of 'Earthdance' (2002)
 'Jimi the piper (on highland, lowland, border, Arabic and electronic pipes) and lotsa friends with string instruments; tripped out bagpipes collide with Pink Floyd at a world music convention. Excellent"

SCOTTISH MAGAZINE CALEDONIA - review of debut 'Pipedreams' (1999)
 "You get a great feeling of energy and commitment from his music. McRae plays a combination of traditional and new stuff but it is his own tunes which really are the belters"

GREENMAN MAGAZINE - review of Pipedreams (2000)
 "Well crafted adventurous pipe music that blends the traditional and the modern, the exuberant and the haunting. I can highly recommend Jimi's music for fans of the Highland pipes who enjoy creative, playful approaches to  the tradition"

  'Renowned Edinburgh based piper Jimi McRae has won a coveted music award after coming tops in a nationwide search for new UK composers.
 The 38-year-old former busker was one of 45 emerging UK recording artists to be nominated for an Atom award by the Performers' Rights Society Foundation. His prize will be a cheque for two thousand pounds.  Stuart Fleming, PRS representative in Scotland, said he nominated Jimi after seeing him perform at T-In-The-Park in 2003. 'The strength of Jimi's original compositions which, in my opinion owe as much to the piping traditions of Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco as they do Scotland, have won the imagination of almost all who have heard him'. Jimi began writing music after being involved in a serious motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago."

  "Appearing all week at Mulleady's, The Irish Immigrant bar and Pike Street Market is strongly contemporary and  dashing Scottish piper Jimi McRae who sites as musical influences, among others, Seattle bands Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains...All hail the grunge King of Scots!"            

  "Topping the bill at the River Theatre last night was Scots piper Jimi McRae. Here promoting his latest recording McRae wasted little time winning over any doubters in the full house with a finely crafted set of exquisite pieces of music, modern backing sounds and down to earth humour. Very entertaining.

  " I met Jimi at the Highland Games in Winston, Oregon. He piped effortlessly all day - for the crowds and for the Highland Dancing Competition. It was quite an experience".    

  "Jimi takes the High Road - A piper who used to busk on the streets of Aberdeen is supporting Lulu at a massive Hogmanay concert at Stirling Castle.
 Jimi McRae, also known as Jimi the Piper, cut a colourful figure on the streets of  Aberdeen and other Scottish cities for several years. He made his living busking after being involved in a near fatal motorcycle crash. 'It will be a tremendous honour to play with Lulu" said Jimi. "She is such a big Scottish star".