Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jimi pipes on very special Scottish 'Hip-hop' single.

Jimi is piping on a special Scottish 'rap' single due to be released early summer.
The song - 'Hip for the Scots'- was written by a team of internationally
renowned music makers/producers and Scots poet/singer song writer Sinclair Mclay.

Jimi was asked to lay down pipes by Sinclair, who is a big fan of Jimi's music.
 "Jimi's new material is simply stunning" said Sinclair. "I showed some of his video footage to
my producer friends and they were completely blown away. They've also been seriously
impressed with what he's come up with in the studio. We now have a big natural pipe sound
and it's all thanks to Jimi".

Jimi recorded pipes in Scotland and 'drop-boxed' tracks across to Grand Fromage Productions
in Northern Italy where the song is being mixed.

"The guys provided a midi/electronic pipe melody as a guide to what they wanted pipe wise" said Jimi.
"The track has a really strong theme and hook. One bit is incredibly fast so it was quite challenging
 but we got there."

Jimi added: "This is the first time I've ever piped on a rap song. The guys at Grand Fromage productions are
 big names in the modern dance music world. Working with them has been great."

Jimi recorded his pipes at David Little's soundstation studio in Galashiels, where he recently completed
work on his critically acclaimed new album 'Last King of Pictland'..

To hear/see the music and vids which so impressed writers and producers at Grand Fromage productions check out this link :

Some reviews for the new album are available to read below..
'Hip for the Scots' will be released early summer. Some people are predicting a hit! Watch this space for
more details.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Nationwide distribution secured for Jimi's new album

A deal has been struck to distribute Jimi's new album 'wholesale' across the UK.. 
This means 'Last King of Pictland' will be available to buy in your local music store plus many other retailers across the land.
Scottish music distribution company Highlander Music and wholesale supply giants Booksource
have teamed up to handle UK distribution..
This follows excellent reviews for the new album and  also strong sales from this web-site and on-line music
Jane Blackley from Highlander Music said she was delighted to add 'Last King of Pictland' to their sales catalogue.
"Jimi's last album 'Global Gathering' has sold well and his music is popular with many of our clients" she said.
"The artwork for 'Last King of Pictland' is excellent, very eye-catching in fact. All in  a great looking product with an excellent and very original soundtrack".
'Last King of Pictland' is now available to buy at any music retailer in the UK. Just ask for 'Last King of Pictland' by Jimi McRae, available through Highlander Music and Book Source, catalogue number JM003.
All of Jimi's tracks, old and new, are available to download or stream online. Preview new stuff here by visiting the site 'shop' and clicking on the link..  Older releases can be checked out in 'Videos'..
Some interesting reviews of new album posted below..

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reviews of New Album!

'Last King of Pictland' - Jimi's New Album - Reviews so far.

'Great album!! If you like bagpipes and rock music - a bit dark and mystical - try it. I bought it last week and all the songs are brilliant. *thumps up*'.... Mar Tina M Erks, Germany..

 'I have heard many "pipes" in my day. From the dyin' cats you wanna put out of their misery, to the technically proficient, with no soul. But This One...The Soul of the Highlands...The Feeling and the Power...The Peace within, the beauty, the fire and passion, celebration and lament....Life in the Music'... Frank Carter, USA


'I really enjoyed this album. An immensely enjoyable listening experience. Plenty rocking bagpipe music here, kicking off with 'Na Criochan' and title track 'Last King of Pictland'. There is also some surprisingly absorbing reflection on ancient mythology that allows Jimi to take the bagpipes in barrier breaking directions. Nine outstanding tracks. My favourite changes with every listen'.....John Wilmott,

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Jimi's new album 'Last King of Pictland' is proving  a big hit with fans, old and new, around the world.
Copies are being shipped to music lovers as far afield as Brazil and Venezuela, Germany, Australia, Canada the USA and, of course, Scotland on almost a daily basis.

Two promotional music videos on You Tube have had over 10,000 hits in just two weeks. These can be viewed/ listened to here -

NEW ALBUM CAN BE PURCHASES HERE, via paypal  and by clicking 'the shop' link above for £10.00 GBP or equivalent value in overseas currency. Price includes post and packaging to anywhere in the world.

The album is now also available at all on-line music stores and tracks can be downloaded/streamed.  Visit your favourite store and look for Jimi McRae 'Last King of Pictland'. Remember, the stunning original artwork can only be yours in all its entirety by buying direct from this site (visit shop page) or Edinburgh music stores HOGS HEAD and CODA MUSIC. (web-site and online purchasing service available at latter)

Some of  the acclaimed inside cd sleeve artwork can be viewed by watching the short promo video in the post below. (titled 'The Picts are coming' Wednesday January 29th)

For more details on the album, music, videos and other purchasing details please click here   -


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hello and a very warm welcome to the new look web-site/blog of Scottish piper Jimi McRae aka Jimi the Piper, a site now viewable on mobile cell phones and non-'flash' friendly internet servers..

Jimi needs no introduction to many, but just in case you're new around town, a quick resume of his musical career to date seems in order.. Jimi has been playing the pipes for well over 30 years, since the age of 10.
He spent his formative years on the Scottish pipe band scene but first really came to prominence during the financial recession of the early 1990s after losing his job. Rather than taking his place beside many others in the unemployment queue, Jimi decided to try his hand at busking, or street performing, to make ends meat. Initial successes, though encouraging, were cruelly tempered by a harrowing road accident which left him temporarily crippled with serious injuries.
Undaunted, Jimi was soon back piping, and his perseverance began to pay off with invitations to play at events and ceilidths across Scotland. This was the period when Jimi earned the nick-name 'Jimi the Piper'.... Members of 'An Clann', Scotland's top fight display team, with whom Jimi performed for a while, were first to coin this 'nom de plumb'. It's pretty much stuck since!
In 1999 Jimi released his debut album 'Pipedreams', featuring a mix of original compositions and traditional tunes, and a range of pipes including Highland, Lowland and electronic. The album received a positive reaction, including several good reviews. Spurned on by this and good sales, Jimi teamed up with Offbeat Scotland record producer Iain McKinna for his next release 'Earthdance' in 2001, a much more complex affair featuring a bevvy of Scottish musical talent and joint original compositions by Jimi and Iain. Once again, the release was extremely well received. Jimi and Iain formed a band to promote the music. Tours of the west coast of America, Germany, France and Scotland followed.
Over the next few years the band became a popular attraction on the UK music festival circuit. They headlined the ceilidth tent at Scotland's biggest music festival 'T-In-The-Park three years in a row, received regular invitations to perform at English folk festivals, and also appeared in the prestigious Spiegel Tent during the Edinburgh International Festival. In early 2005 the band were invited over to China to perform at a week long festival celebrating Chinese New Year in Beijing. This was soon followed by the release of the album 'Kick Out The Ghosts'. By 2006, however, the usual internal 'musical differences' were taking a toll and the band decided to call it a day.
Jimi immediately commenced work on his next project - an album documenting the rich piping tradition of Clan MacRae. Clan society members in Scotland and the USA had approached Jimi with the idea following hugely popular appearances by him at the Clan MacRae international gatherings in 2000 and 2005. This project called 'Global Gathering -Ceol Cloinn Mhic Rath (music of the Clan MacRae) was released in 2009. Global Gathering featured a range of pipes (Highland, Lowland, Arabic and electronic) and a mix of original Jimi compositions plus traditional tunes relating to the clan. Several guest musicians including Nigel Richards on Cittern, Crispin Caunter on didgeridoo and Eric Clark on 'heavy' drums also took part in recording sessions. The critical and public response to Global Gathering was, yet again, excellent, vindicating Jimi's decision to record the album outwith Edinburgh or Glasgow, at David Little's Soundstation studios in Galashiels.

Around this time, Jimi resumed a musical partnership with old friend, Nigerian born African percussionist Sam Okoo. Jimi and Sam first met and played together at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1998. In 2002 they performed together in an award winning Festival production of 'Go Go - The Boy With Magic Feet' in the city's Royal Botanic Gardens. By 2009, Jimi felt the time was right to release their debut album, appropriately entitled 'Scottish Pipes & African Drums' and again recorded at David Little's studio in Galashiels.

The album featured many well known Scottish and Irish pipe tunes, and was recorded with multi-pipe harmonies by Jimi in a style reminiscent of pipe bands. However, there was a twist - the entire drum corps was Sam and he was playing the African djembe! Quirky and good fun, 'Scottish Pipes & African Drums' proved to be a winning formula. In early 2010, Jimi, with Sam, returned to Beijing to perform at Chinese New Year celebrations. Trips to Holland, Greece and Sweden followed and 2011/12 saw the pair invited to perform at official functions hosted by the Scottish Parliament THREE times - firstly at a reception for famous Scots singer Annie Lennox, followed by an appearance in the official Parliament reopening parade in the summer, and finally at a reception for African dignitaries in Edinburgh Castle.

Jimi is currently putting the finishing touches to a new album project which promises to be his most ambitious yet. 2013 also saw him teaming up with 'Spike', lead singer with top UK rock band 'The Quireboys' to record  an album of Frankie Millar songs.. A charity single from this (a version of Frankie's classic 'Bottle of Whisky') has since been released with the Scottish Rugby team joining in on vocals! Jimi piped at the single's launch and video footage of Spike, Jimi and the rest of the Quireboys performing the song live in Glasgow is available to view in this site's 'News' section.

Away from music, Jimi has also been enjoying filming and editing his own music videos, using footage gleamed from travels around Scotland as a musician, motorcyclist, hill walker and self confessed history nut! These short films have received considerable attention in the UK, Europe and North America.. In 2012 'Global Gathering' reached the top of a German music chart as a direct result of his music videos being screened on German TV.. For more details on Jimi's adventures please refer to the 'News' and 'Reviews' sections at the top of the page... Slainte Mhor.