Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 - A busy year for Jimi the Piper

Happy New Year! 2015 is shaping up to be a busy and exciting year for Jimi.

 More high profile recording sessions are in the offing. A number of well known artists are keen to involve Jimi in different music projects.

 Confirmed gigs so far include a trip to PARIS in February, AMSTERDAM in May and a short tour of the south coast of England with several festival appearances. Closer to home, Jimi will once again be performing at Clan MacRae's international clan gathering in Scotland from July 29 to August 2. This will take place at locations around Scotland, including Eilean Donan Castle in Easter Ross, Clan MacRae's famous ancestral home. More details can be obtained at the Clan MacRae website


Eilean Donan castle, home of Clan Macrae

Jimi has confirmed that, due to popular demand, he will again be escorting gathering attendees on a guided tour of the brochs of Glenelg during their visit to the Highlands.

Duntelve broch, Glenelg

2015 will also see the release of several new music videos produced by Jimi in an ongoing promotion campaign for latest album 'Last King of Pictland. This follows strong album sales and high viewing figures for music vids released last year. Thanks again for your support. Watch this space!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Jimi pipes on Dixie Chicks song.

Jimi is heading back into the studio to record pipes on a Dixie Chicks song..
Recording will take place this month. (October) The song, a version of 'Travelling Soldier', will be released early next month (November) in  the run up to 'Remembrance Sunday' in the UK and 'Veterans' Day' in the USA.
Watch this space for more details..

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hip to the Scots - 34,000 plays on 'soundcloud' in one week.

A new Hip-hop/rap single featuring Jimi's pipes is proving to be a huge international hit with young music fans.
'Hip to the Scots' - a collaboration between Jimi, American rapper 'Ramo' and Italian based music company 'Grand Fromage Productions' has had over 34,000 plays on 'Sound cloud' in one week, more than 400 'likes' and, to date, almost 300 people have left positive comments.
Now everyone is preparing for the release of several promotional videos for 'Hip to the Scots' on You Tube, all of which will feature Jimi piping.
Film producers based in Paris, France, are using clips from Jimi's self-made music vids.
Mountain footage, shot by Jimi during his Munro trecking, will also be included.
The words for 'Hip to the Scots' were written by Aberdeen born Sinclair Mclay.
 Producers at Grand Fromage Productions were highly impressed with Jimi's music and videos. A mutual friend, Edinburgh based Steph Buchan, contacted Jimi about the possibility of adding pipes.

Check out the track and rave reviews here:

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Jimi Ibiza bound as 'Hip for the Scots' single released

Jimi is heading to Ibiza for a string of gigs to coincide with the release of new single 'Hip to the Scots'.

The hip-hop/rap song featuring Jimi's pipes has been produced by international music company Grand Fromage productions and will be accompanied by a video featuring scenes shot in Scotland by Jimi.

Look out for 'Hip to the Scots' by Dangerous Dog (with Ramo and Jimi the Piper) on You Tube and on-line music sites in the next few days.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New album review in 'froots' magazine..

Interesting and perhaps unintentionally positive review of Jimi's new album 'Last King of Pictland in the world & folk music magazine froots. The reviewer sets out to slam Jimi, but actually complimented him without even knowing it. P.S. Spinal Tap is one of Jimi's favourite movies..

'A million skirling bagpipes, thrash drums, sledgehammer bass, even monkish chanting as well as dear old thermin. Bonkers OTT arrangements. A bagpiping Spinal Tap. Ideal Glasgow Saturday night fighting music. Martyn Bennett must be turning in his grave' - froots (May 2014)

Monday, 30 June 2014

Jimi's new album massive success at Bannockburn 'Live' Festival..

Jimi's new album 'Last King of Pictland' has been given a huge boost after being chosen as the soundtrack for live re-enactments of the Battle of Bannockburn..

Organisers of the Bannockburn 'Live' two day festival near Stirling asked Jimi if they could play the album in it's entirety before and after shows in which several hundred re-enactors re-created battle scenes to commemorate the 700th anniversary of King Robert Bruce's famous victory over the English.

Verity Blanchard, of Unique Events, said Jimi's music was perfect for the occasion. "It's a fantastic inspiring album. I've always enjoyed Jimi's music, particularly his debut album 'Pipedreams'. However 'Last King of Pictland' reaches another level entirely. When Jimi said ok I knew we'd found our soundtrack".

Over 20,000 people attended the Bannockburn Live festival, which also featured live music, storytelling, pipe bands, food and drink as well as six re-enactments of the battle, staged near the place where the two day battle began 700 years ago. 

Ms Blanchard said many people had inquired about the album after hearing Jimi's music in the build to shows. "We also received a large number of emails inquiries. Every one is referred to Jimi's web-site"

Bannockburn 'Live' has been voted a huge success by organisers, visitors and the local community. Jimi said he was deeply honoured to have had his music featured.