Monday 15 January 2024

Musical Road trip, NW Russia - Jimi and 'LiberArte', Nicaragua perform Moscow to Pskov.

New music video, from the "Strength in Unity", Workers' Solidarity with Russian Cultur tour.

Jimi and friends - the multi talented 'LiberArte' from Nicaragua - make a musical journey from Moscow to Pskov, with a performance in the former home of celebrated Russian poet Alexander Pushkin along the way.

The tour included over 20 shows and also included visits to the Samara and Kaliningrad Oblasts as well as Moscow. 

Performing artists from Russia and Italy joined 'LiberArte' and Jimi for the concerts in Kaliningrad and Samara.


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  1. Jimi really interesting vid mate you should get a pro production documentary company involved. Spreading the Scottish word worldwide. Keep on rocking mate🤘