Saturday 27 January 2024

International condemnation to Adolf Hitler Waffen SS memorial standing in Scotland - but still the UK media remain silent.

SS supremo and Adolf Hitler's right hand man Heinrich Himmler inspects Ukrainian speaking volunteers of the SS Galizien Division in 1944. Himmler publicly praised the volunteers for their enthusiasm in slaughtering Polish and Jewish civilians. Men of the SS Galizien were never made to answer for their crimes. After surrendering to the British at the end of WW2 they were granted sanctuary in the west. Almost 500 were sent to a work camp at Hallmuir near Lockerbie before being allowed to assimilate into Scottish/UK society. 
The memorial stone at Hallmuir, near Lockerbie,bearing the insignia of Hitler's notorious Waffen SS 'Galizien' division. 

Jimi's blog last month revealing that a memorial stone commemorating WW2 Nazis accused of being 'women and children killers' is standing near the town of Lockerbie, Scotland has sparked international outrage. 

The fact that the Scottish Government, via a quango organisation called the South of Scotland Enterprise Board, decided to invest over £50,000 of taxpayers money to upgrade and help promote the site, where the SS regimental insignia is clearly on display,  has predictably added to the furor. 

The Waffen SS were the notorious military arm of the German Nazi party during WW2. They were hailed by Nazi leaders as the living embodiment of Hitler's genocidal, racist and evil ideology. 

Despite the widespread condemnation - over 15000 blog views in less than a month, comments posted by concerned citizens from around the world and personal messages to Jimi - the revelations contained in the blog have, so far, received no media attention.

The blog can be viewed by clicking here:

Jimi said he was unsurprised by the reaction to his blog because it contained "shocking information which any decent person would find appalling." However, he added he was surprised and disappointed by the apparent refusal of "official media representatives" to pick up on the revelations and run with the story.

"My LinkedIn profile tells me about everybody who has been looking at my posts" said Jimi. "I shared this particular blog on LinkedIn and in due course I was informed that people at the BBC had viewed it three times, someone at the 'Glasgow Herald' newspaper offices and also a representative of 'The Times'

"Despite this nobody picked up the story. I'm not seeking acclaim. I just ask for journalists to do their job. I waited 18 months for someone to write this story after reading an uncritical newspaper article about the Scottish Government's decision to grant funding. Finally I gave up and wrote it myself".

Jimi has been in the 'news' himself over the past few months for his decision to perform at festivals and concerts in Russia with his bagpipes. Articles attacking him have appeared in the 'Sunday Times' and 'Scottish Daily Express'.

"Basically it appears that a guy from Scotland going to Russia with his bagpipes in an effort to promote peace, understanding and friendship between ordinary people is more newsworthy, at least to our media, than the Scottish Government providing a considerable sum of public money to promote a monument celebrating Nazi volunteers who stand accused by both Ukrainian and Polish investigative committees of committing mass murder and genocide, mainly of women and children."

Jimi added:" I dislike talking politics but if you want my views on the ongoing Ukraine tragedy please listen to the words of current American Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr in the link below. He is a highly educated, skilled lawyer and says things more eloquently than I ever could. He also comes from a distinguished line of good, decent and brave men - decorated warriors among them - who did their best to secure peace and a better future for all our children and grandchildren. God knows we need more like him in our politics and media today. Peace! "


  1. James (Jimi) McRae27 January 2024 at 21:10

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  2. Jimi (James) McRae27 January 2024 at 21:25

    This is what the once mighty and revered 'Sunday Times' would rather publish instead. Pathetic but quite funny nonetheless. Peace!

  3. They consider Nazism to be normal :-((((

  4. Good for you, Jimi! Can you imagine if this monument were erected at taxpayer expense in Miami, a US city with the third largest population of Jews? And good for RFK, he speaks truth. Most people blindly believe what the government paid media tell them.

  5. Blimey that Leask character at the Sunday Times has certainly got it in for you. Four articles at least. What a foul piece of work he is.
    Anyway, hope the tour is going well. Our Lords and masters seem to be hell bent on getting WW3 going, so all and any work for peace is more necessary than ever. Thank you.

  6. Roberto Visentia31 January 2024 at 06:46

    Well done Jimi. Thank you. You are a champ, a warrior for peace. Good to hear a western politician speaking out like RFK. He speaks the truth. I wish we had more politicians like him.

  7. Valerie MacKintosh5 February 2024 at 18:18

    I saw that recent article in 'The Times' about you Jimmy. What a shoddy excuse for journalism. Your blogs on the Nazi monument and conspicuous lack of interest by the official media are much more interesting and also better written. You should think about starting a petition calling for an explanatory plaque to be erected which highlights the genocidal acts carried out by these men, as you suggested. And/or, if I may be so bold enough to add, its removal. I know a few folk who would be happy to sign it. All the best with this. Well done for speaking up.

  8. Here's a couple of links containing background information on the so called journalist who wrote 'The Times' articles attacking Jimi. After reading these it seems abundantly clear that the biggest fan of the aforementioned Mr David Leask is David Leask himself. There appears to be very little respect for him in the wider newspaper/media industry. One is left with the distinct impression of an individual with mental issues. Sad really. PS these articles are from a few years back. The contents were never publically challenged or disputed.