Friday 1 March 2024

A busy start to 2024 for Jimi. New poetry and piping releases planned.

Making the most of a decent, late winter sunny morning, Jimi was out filming scenes for a new music video on the banks of the River Almond near Cramond, NW Edinburgh.
The song is one of eight, still to be released, original 'poetry orientated' tracks composed with guitarist and sometimes songwriting partner Neil Warden.
The new release will be a follow up to Jimi's 2022 six track EP 'Hills Where I Began' which saw Jimi moving in a more lyrical direction than on previous bagpipe driven, studio recordings.
'Hills Where I Began' received favourable reviews in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia upon its release. Anyone interested can refer to the 'Reviews' section of this web-site for more details.
It has been a very busy start to 2024 for Jimi musically at home and overseas. He has been piping at prestigious engagements in Scotland every weekend since his return from Russia in early February.
He is back out performing live at a VIP reception at premises in the Cowgate district of Edinburgh this Saturday. (March 2)

Recording offers are also being discussed following the announcement of Jimi's successful 'home recorded' musical collaboration with Italian singer Luca Minnelli and his producer Stefano Panizzo.
"I've been approached by several friends in the music business who are interested in the possiblity of me piping on their songs" said Jimi. "Probably the most exciting of these is a query from a well known songwriter and producer based in Austin, Texas."

Jimi is also hoping to record several new, original and popular pipe tunes which feature in his live show.
"The tunes always go down well with audiences so it makes sense to have them available for people to stream or download"he added.
"I have been quite humbled by the number of booking requests for me to pipe at events here in Scotland since I returned from my latest musical mission overseas. I have been piping as a solo performer for over 30 years now. I'm self employed so any musical income is always included in my annual tax return. However, I honestly cannae remember a time when my piping services were in such demand. Quite extraordinary. Long may it continue."

Anyone interested in booking Jimi or finding out more about his many projects can email him direct at
Here's a few pics from Jimi's video shoot beside the River Almond. Hope you enjoy. Slainte!


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