Monday 12 February 2024

New recording project with top Italian music producer and singer


Jimi has embarked on a new recording project. He is composing, arranging and rehearsing bagpipe parts for a popular classical music album being put together by celebrated Venice based composer/producer/song-writer Stefano Panizzo and famous Italian tenor singer Luca Minnelli.
Luca and Jimi met and became friends during a tour of the Ryazan and Pskov regions of Russia last November. Luca is a popular performer on the lucrative private function international circuit and sings to sell out audiences everywhere. 
As a side project to his own work Luca is currently recording a second album for Queen guitarist Brian May, no less!
Stefano is one of the most sought after composers/producers/score arrangers in the popular classical music world. Google or do an internet search for Stefano Panizzo for more info.
Jimi began rehearsing his parts mid- January after being approached by Luca, Steffano and Venice based business associates. In early February Luca and Jimi debuted their first pieces of music together live, before a sell out audience, with full orchestral backing in Omsk Philharmonic Concert hall, Siberia. They received two standing ovations.

"We have some excellent video footage of the concert but Luca has asked me to hold off from sharing it until the new album is officially released, probably this coming May" said Jimi. 
"It is still very much a case of work in progress. Stefano is still fine tuning the arrangements and also working on several new songs to which he is keen for me to contribute".
 Luca said he was impressed by Jimi's live act plus the power and tone of his pipes. Jimi's pipes are tuned to 440 Htz, concert pitch A major.
Most Highland pipes (probably over 99 per cent) from novice to World championship level, are tuned to the key of B flat.

Jimi said he was enjoying working with Luca. "He's a great guy with a great voice and a healthy love of most musical genres.
 "We're about the same age and share the the same sort of unpretentious, working background. He likes a laugh and can also relate to my former busking days in Edinburgh and around Scotland. He worked as a singing gondalier for tourists visiting Venice for several years. Luca's team have big plans for us. Let's see what happens".

More pics from the recent sell out concert in Omsk.


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