Friday 5 September 2014

Hip to the Scots - 34,000 plays on 'soundcloud' in one week.

A new Hip-hop/rap single featuring Jimi's pipes is proving to be a huge international hit with young music fans.
'Hip to the Scots' - a collaboration between Jimi, American rapper 'Ramo' and Italian based music company 'Grand Fromage Productions' has had over 34,000 plays on 'Sound cloud' in one week, more than 400 'likes' and, to date, almost 300 people have left positive comments.
Now everyone is preparing for the release of several promotional videos for 'Hip to the Scots' on You Tube, all of which will feature Jimi piping.
Film producers based in Paris, France, are using clips from Jimi's self-made music vids.
Mountain footage, shot by Jimi during his Munro trecking, will also be included.
The words for 'Hip to the Scots' were written by Aberdeen born Sinclair Mclay.
 Producers at Grand Fromage Productions were highly impressed with Jimi's music and videos. A mutual friend, Edinburgh based Steph Buchan, contacted Jimi about the possibility of adding pipes.

Check out the track and rave reviews here:

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