Sunday 25 February 2018

Monster Mix EP big hit on Bandcamp

With so far over 180 downloads since its release mid - December, Jimi's 'Monster Mix' EP has been a surprise success on the on-line global music download site 'Bandcamp'


Jimi has now been informed he qualifies for a 'Bandcamp Power-Up' (UPLOAD LIMIT INCREASED TO 600MB PER TRACK) 


Jimi said the 'Monster Mix' EP had been great fun and good business,  "particularly as it started out as just a punt to try out Bandcamp".


"I would like to thank everyone who hit the download button" he added. "I've received some great messages from people all around the world saying how much they enjoy the EP. It has also allowed me to reconnect with many old friends and fans who seem to love it"


Jimi said all forthcoming musical projects will be released on Bandcamp first. Click on link below EP cover photo to access Jimi's Bandcamp.



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