Sunday 13 September 2020

New facebook page for Jimi

 Jimi has launched a new facebook page with up to date reports and photos of his travels, adventures and music and video projects.

The site is open to anyone and can be found here:

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Jimi has just finished recording and mixing track number 11 for his new album project. The song will soon be available to listen to on You Tube soon once filming for an accompanying video is completed. 

Jimi said: "We're having a wee break from filming the final scenes to give guitarist and song writing partner Neil Warden time to recover from an unwelcome bout of Bell's Palsy which caused temporary paralysis to one side of his face. 

"Get well soon Neil. Rest up and relax. We're not finishing the video without you."

This will be the fifth joint You Tube release this year from Jimi and Neil, only one of which contains bagpipes. 

"We have another couple of still to be released tracks featuring pipes" added Jimi, "but with this project less is definitely more when it comes to pipes. The onus is on great guitar riffs and grooves plus good poetry.  I've covered so many bases with bagpipes musically over the years so it's enjoyable to be using them sparingly for a change, quite liberating actually".

Jimi's new releases so far can be listened to/viewed here:  or by scrolling down this page.

Check out Neil Warden's fantastic recent catalogue of music here:

 A track from Neil's latest EP 'The Saucer Surfers' forms the basis of the next McRae/Warden song. An album featuring all new material by Jimi and Neil will be released in due course.


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