Sunday 27 November 2022

Jimi's charity Christmas single with Spike and the Quireboys - available to order now.


Jimi is piping on a brand new 'rock n' roll' Christmas song with legendary rock singer Spike and his band the Quireboys.

 All proceeds will go to 'Care After Combat' a UK based charity providing support for traumatised service veterans and their families.

'Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year' will be officially released on December 9. However, a limited number of vinyl and cd singles plus digital downloadable copies can be pre-ordered here:

Jimi will be performing the new song live with Spike and the band at the 02 Academy in Islington, London on December 15. A few tickets for the show are still available to buy here:

Jimi said it was a great honour to be piping on the single, particularly when all money raised was going to such a deserving charity.

Spike and Jimi have been friends for over 10 years after first working together on a charity song involving the Scottish Rugby Union first team squad - a version of the Frankie Miller song 'A Bottle of Whisky'.

Spike contacted Jimi asking for help last August after initial record company plans to record pipers from the Black Watch Assoociation Pipe band fell through.

"I think a busy summer schedule of piping events made composing, arranging and then recording the song impossible for band members" said Jimi.

Fortunately for Spike, Jimi was happy to step up to the plate and he quickly got to work arranging the pipe parts.

"I really liked the song which is always important if you want to make a positive contribution to a project" added Jimi. "I recorded several takes at home using my own recording set up and then transferred them over to the song's producer and writer Willie Dowling, a great guy who just happens to be responsible for writing some of the best known theme tunes and soundtracks in British film and TV. 

"Willie did a fantastic job mixing the pipes into the song. Spike's vocals are cracking and there's even a children's choir singing on the choruses - it is a Christmas song after all, lol. Great fun and all for such a deserving charity.

"I'm really looking forward to the gig at Islington O2 Academy on the 15th. Spike's putting me up for a few days and it'll be great to meet and perform with the other original members of  'The Quireboys' - Guy Bailey, Nigel Mogg, Chris Johnstone and Rudy Richman. Cracking".

Spike said Jimi had done everyone proud. "We were running out of time, stress levels were going up but Jimi just said 'yeah, I can do that' and proceeded to nail it effortlessly. His pipes lifted the whole track and everyone involved. Amazing".

The single received its first airplay at Great Music Stories Radio on Friday night (Nov 25). Spike was live on a broadcast talking about the single, reforming the original Quireboys and also the gig at Islington Academy on the 15th. More interviews on other national radio stations will be following in the next few days.

"Care After Combat is a charity very close to the band’s heart" said Spike. "Some veterans are still fighting for their lives. The song will not only hopefully raise awareness for this charity, but also, profits from the cd single, vinyl and download sales will be donated directly to the cause."

 He added: “It’s been a long time since a true festive classic has been released to see us through the Christmas and New Year party season. Hopefully this is just the perfect, traditional Rock and Roll track to get everyone in the holiday spirit.”

A video promoting the single will be released in the next week or so. Some Black Watch pipers will feature in it but Jimi will not be appearing.

"My autumn schedule was just too busy" said Jimi. "I think traditional military looking pipers will look more fitting in the video anyway. I'm just happy to have done the pipes, and been able to help out good people and such a worthy cause. I'm looking forward to the gig on the 15th."

Jimi added: "When you hear the song just remember the pipes were recorded in my own wee 'man cave'/recording studio at the foot of the Pentland hills, near Edinburgh. The wonders of modern technology".

Producer and composer Willie Dowling said: "We can't thank Jimi enough for what he has done. The tracks he sent us were perfectly pitched, dynamic and added considerable authenticity to the song.

"I haven't had too much call for recording and producing real pipes in my line of work but next time I do, I know who I will be calling."

Jimi and Spike backstage at 'The Garage' venue in Glasgow a few years ago.



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