Monday 23 January 2023

New song to add to Jimi's hit 'Dark Age' trilogy


Jimi was down in his home town, Galashiels recently adding vocals and putting finishing touches to a new music track at Soundstation Recording Studios.
This forthcoming release will see a welcome return (hopefully!) to the poems of the legendary pre-medieval 'Welsh' bard Taliesin.
To Jimi, these ancient and mysterious tales give a tantalising glimpse and flavour of what life was like, here, on these Isles, in the centuries between the Romans leaving and Scotland, England and Wales becoming nation states.
Some may recall that Jimi co-produced a series of YouTube videos on Taliesin and other dark age poets a few years back. These have proved very popular, certainly by Jimi's humble standards and can be viewed here:
The new material will feature song writing partner Neil Warden on guitar, Soundstation Studio owner Dave Little or 'Dottle' on drums and Jimi on pipes, jaw harp and vocals.
Big shout out to everyone who helped make it happen, not least the wonderful Marged Haycock of Aberystwyth University in Wales for all her help. Much appreciated.
Here's some photos from the session at Soundstation Recording Studio in Gala. Slainte!


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