Thursday 1 May 2014


MUSICSCOTLAND.COM - Review of 'Last King of Pictland' (April 2014)

A sixth studio album by Scottish piper Jimi McRae, with his unique creative flair blending traditional bagpipes with many different genres.
This album comprises six original compositions and three traditional arrangements, Jimi remains respectful of traditions but continues to pushes the boundaries of the instrument.
The CD featues a variety of styles including heavy metal, progressive rock, traditional Greek, Scottish and Irish and more all combined with a modern edge.
Jimi McRae (aka Jimi The Piper) is based in the Edinburgh area and he started playing bapipes at the tender age of 10. Three decades on Jim continues to bring his music to audiences and has toured Europe, North America and Asia with dynamic live shows. Solo, with a band, or simply 'jammin' with pals, a Jimi performance is never to be missed..
Musicians on this album are: Jimi McRae (highland, lowland, border, arabic and electronic pipes, keyboard, chanting), Rob Wrong (lead guitar), Eric Clark (drums, guitar), Crispin Caunter (didgeridoo), David Little (drums, percussion), Dave Haswell (percussion), Rod Christie (guitar/bass), Simon Hay (bass).
Last word to music critic John Wilmott: "I really enjoyed this album. An immensely enjoyable listening experience. Plenty rocking bagpipe music here, kicking off with 'Na Criochan' and title track 'Last King of Pictland'. There is also some surprisingly absorbing reflection on ancient mythology that allows Jimi to take the bagpipes in barrier breaking directions. Nine outstanding tracks. My favourite changes with every listen." John Wilmott, CelticWays.

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