Saturday 12 April 2014

Jimi pipes on very special Scottish 'Hip-hop' single.

Jimi is piping on a special Scottish 'rap' single due to be released this summer.
The song - 'Hip for the Scots'- was written by a team of internationally
renowned music makers/producers and Scots poet/singer song writer Sinclair Mclay.

Jimi was asked to lay down pipes by Sinclair, who is a big fan of Jimi's music.
 "Jimi's new material is simply stunning" said Sinclair. "I showed some of his video footage to
my producer friends and they were completely blown away. They've also been seriously
impressed with what he's come up with in the studio. We now have a big natural pipe sound
and it's all thanks to Jimi".

Jimi recorded pipes in Scotland and 'drop-boxed' tracks across to Grand Fromage Productions
in Northern Italy where the song is being mixed.

"The guys provided a midi/electronic pipe melody as a guide to what they wanted pipe wise" said Jimi.
"The track has a really strong theme and hook. One bit is incredibly fast so it was quite challenging
 but we got there."

Jimi added: "This is the first time I've ever piped on a rap song. The guys at Grand Fromage productions are
 big names in the modern dance music world. Working with them has been great."

Jimi recorded his pipes at David Little's soundstation studio in Galashiels, where he recently completed
work on his critically acclaimed new album 'Last King of Pictland'..

To hear/see the music and vids which so impressed writers and producers at Grand Fromage productions check out this link :

Some reviews for the new album are available to read below..
'Hip for the Scots' will be released late summer. Some people are predicting a hit! Watch this space for
more details.

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