Monday 3 October 2016

NEW PROJECT!.. Celebrating the oldest and possibly greatest celtic bard.

Jimi has just completed another artistic collaboration with Edinburgh artist Eric Clark. Filmed at Dumbarton Castle on the River Clyde and Arthur Seat, Edinburgh, the video and soundtrack is a celebration of the oldest and perhaps greatest celtic bard, Taliesin, whose best work possibly describes events and places in what is now Scotland over 1500 years ago. 

Dumbarton rock ( Âl-Clud meaning rock of the Clyde) and Edinburgh ( Din Eidyn) were chosen as filimg locations because they were tribal capitals of the Old North (Yr Hen Ogledd) clearly mentioned by Taliesin in his poems/sagas.
For more info please refer to Eric's web-site  and Jimi's write up accompanying this video on You tube.

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