Tuesday 19 June 2018

Jimi rocks Devon with one of London's top wedding bands

Piping at a high society wedding in Devon Jimi joined one of London's best known wedding bands on stage for a rousing rendition of 'Summer of 69' by Bryan Adams.

No expense was spared to book Jimi for the wedding of Joanne Elisabeth Norton and Jack Wilson. The two day festival-style-wedding-weekender saw Jimi performing at the marriage ceremony in Sidmouth (on south coast) and again at the reception and after party at the rather glorious Bridwell House, mid Devon.

Jimi performed many sets over the weekend, both solo and with backing tracks. However, the highlight for many was his performance on stage with London's 'Hatband' - an amazing version of 'Summer of 69'

'Hatband' singer and guitarist Ed Dewson said he had asked Jimi to join them on stage for the climax of their Saturday night set. "Jimi is rock royalty, he really is. His reputation proceeds him. The people he has performed with over the years, the music he has composed and been involved with, the places he has been with his pipes, you name it, just amazing. It was great to finally meet him".

Added Ed: "Jimi came in for a chat while we were setting up. He was up for joining us on stage for a number and after checking out our set list we opted for 'Summer of 69' cos Jimi said he could jam along because we play it in the key of D.

"What a hoot we had. We never rehearsed together and I never dreamed it would sound so good. I did record the gig but it’s anybody’s guess as to how the audio turned out. I’ll check it out later in the week once the dust has settled and see if there’s anything useable".

Jimi said it had been great fun joining Ed and the Hatband on stage and a tremendous honour piping at Jo and Jack's wedding.

He added: "I was really impressed with Devon,  the green rolling countryside, the dramatic sea cliffs, sandy beaches and the laid back, friendly, welcoming nature of the people.

"Musically, I was well primed to join Ed and the lads on stage. Been spending a bit of time learning the piano. This has really increased my knowledge of musical scales and what my specially set up pipes are capable of. Working with singers Dan Donnelly and Mike McGrouther for our project 'An Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman' has also been quite educational; a new challenge if you like. Now more than capable of jumping on stage and jamming with a rock band. No need to rehearse. Knowing the key is knowing what notes to play".

Jimi is booked to perform at three more weddings this month (June). He is also busy rehearsing and compiling material for 'An Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman' set list.

More info on Ed and the Hatband at https://www.facebook.com/hatband/





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