Wednesday 22 August 2018

New Jimi album, songs and videos

Jimi has released a new album called 'Alive in China' on Bandcamp featuring new material and live tracks recorded in China.


'Alive In China' is available to listen to and download here:


A promotional video has also been released on You Tube for quirky opening track 'Beijing sat nav girl', the 'voice' being recorded during a taxi ride downtown to Tiananmen Square, Beijing, February 2017, when Jimi was in the city performing at a week long festival celebrating Chinese New Year.


"Once back in Scotland I was checking out some film footage I had shot and was struck by the Chinese sat nav voice" said Jimi. "I decided to build a track around the female voice using traffic noises also recorded in the footage and Chinese sounding loops and music progressions which I  had been playing around with at home."


The result was 'Beijing sat nav girl' 85bpm.


Added Jimi: "It's a bit of a departure from my usual stuff perhaps. I let some friends hear it and they were a bit surprised but quite impressed. They enjoyed it.  I was also fortunate to have gleamed some live recordings of my piping performances in Beijing and Kunming where I speak a wee bit of Mandarin. 'Put it all out there' they advised, so I have."


Jimi has a growing fan and friend base in China. In October last year he made his fifth musical piping trip to the Peoples' Republic after being invited to perform at a week long harvest festival in the SW city of Kunming. He performed live on stage using backing tracks.


Jimi will be returning to China in the near future.  Here's the new video. Enjoy!


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