Thursday 29 November 2018

Jimi asked to soundtrack new TV drama series.

Jimi has been approached about scoring a new TV drama series set in the turbulent years prior to the Act of Union between Scotland and England in 1707.

The writer and director, both well known and successful names in the entertainment business, are fans of Jimi's music and were keen to  have him on board.

"They wanted something a bit different which is probably why they approached me" said Jimi. "Initially I was like 'Wow, I cannae dae that' but after thinking about it for a while, decided to give it a go. I've always been interested in history so a potentially lucrative opportunity to combine this with my love of music cannot be allowed to slip by."

Jimi has already composed two new songs for the project based on historical records and ballads from the era. Pipes will be featuring on some but not all of the planned tracks.

"In recent years I've been attempting to expand my music making repertoire beyond the range of just bagpipes by utilising other instruments and trying to improve my piano, songwriting and recording skills" added Jimi.  "This project has come around just at the right time. A new challenge. Bring it on".

Jimi says he has been sworn to secrecy regarding precise details on the new TV series "until everything has been tied up and confirmed"

More information will be released in the New Year.

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