Friday 15 March 2019

Jimi performs with KT Tunstall

Jimi joined Scottish superstar KT Tunstall and her all girl band on stage at the start of her new European tour last Thursday night.

KT, perhaps the most famous Fifer alive right now, was kicking off her 2019 tour with a 'home' gig at Alhambre Theatre in Dunfermline with her all girl band, and Jimi was invited to join them on stage for the encore.  

"I've enjoyed Katie's music since her early days with Fife's legendary Fence music collective, before her big break on Jools Holland's TV music show" said Jimi. "I remember her performing in 'Bean Scene' cafes in Edinburgh as an unknown singer/songwriter years ago.

"It was great joining her on stage. Katie is really cool. Good luck with the rest of the tour".

Jimi is busy writing songs and music himself for a new TV drama series after being asked to contribute ideas by the writer and director. He is also looking forward to piping at the 2019 Clan Macrae International Gathering taking place in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland this May.

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