Friday 21 February 2020

Soundtrack for new TV drama series nearing completion.

Jimi is hard at work in the studio polishing off an album's worth of music for a proposed new TV drama series.
The action packed drama - set in the turbulent period before and after the Union of the Crowns between England and Scotland in 1603 - has been conceived and co-written by acclaimed and rising Scottish director Justin Molotnikov whose recent successes includes 'Poldark', 'Dr Who', 'Merlin' and hit Christmas chiller 'The Small Hand' shown on Channel 5, Boxing Day just past.
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Justin and Jimi first met at primary school in Galashiels in the 1970s. More recently their paths crossed repeatedly in Edinburgh creative circles and also in supermarkets on the city's southside where they both live.
"There came a point where every time I popped into ASDA or Sainsburys I'd bump into Justin and his brood" joked Jimi. "It's always nice to meet a friendly face from the past especially one as interesting and positive as Justin."
The pair shared an interest in hiking so began to meet up for hill walks when family and work commitments allowed. Ideas were bounced around.
"Justin was working on a script for a new drama set in Northern England and the Scottish Borders around the time James V1 of Scotland became James 1 of Britain" said Jimi. "He said he couldn't find any music for a possible soundtrack. He had this idea of an Anglo/Scottish cowboy style Western and none of the material put forward apparently came up to the mark."
He asked his old schoolfriend from Gala (Jimi) if he had any ideas.
"Justin was looking for something a bit different" continued Jimi. "Initially I was like, 'Wow! I cannae do that' but it sounded like fun so I decided to give it a go. I've built up a decent wee home recording studio in recent years and have also been working hard at improving my piano/keyboard skills. Time for a fresh challenge".
Jimi made some demos which Justin loved. Jimi then called up another old friend, Edinburgh and Fife guitar maestro Neil Warden, and the music really began to flow. To date they have written and arranged 10 songs together with another on the way.
"I first worked with Neil 20 years ago, recording tracks for my second solo album 'Earthdance'" said Jimi. "Prior to that I used to see him perform regularly with the late, great Tam White. I always enjoyed Neil's style and sound.
"After working together we kept in touch. In recent years Neil has been making a lot of great music with slide guitar. I phoned up, popped round to let him hear the demos and he said 'ok let's do this'".
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Jimi also enlisted fellow Gala man, ace drummer and "proper old school studio dude" David Little - known as 'Dottle' to many - to help with the project.
"I enjoyed recording my last three albums at Dottle's studio in Galashiels" said Jimi. "Always an advantage to have a good drummer on board, especially when they own some great mics and know their way around a mixing desk and studio!"
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Unusually for Jimi, very little bagpipe feature.
"We have three tracks with pipes" he added. "I'm playing other instruments and reciting lots of poetry. This time round the pipes are being used judiciously and sparingly. Less is more if you like. After 20 years and five albums with pipes taking centre stage why not?"
Jimi plans to begin releasing new songs on You Tube in the next few months, but as yet no date has been set for an official album release.
"Does anyone still do album releases?" smiled Jimi. "I'm an old timer in the sense that I still think about making albums but fewer and fewer people are buying them, vinyl or cds. CDs were a cash generator for performers when I first started out. Not so much now. Even Neil initially thought I might be better releasing a 'radio friendly' EP."
A year or so on however, "an album's worth" of material is now in the final stages of mixing.
"Perhaps Justin will secure a sponsor and financial backing for his script, perhaps not" said Jimi. "Perhaps a potential backer will love the music as much as Justin does, perhaps not.
"At the very, very least I will soon have almost a dozen new songs to start making quirky new home made videos for You Tube, with historic and contemporary angles which I find interesting. Should keep me busy for a wee while".
Watching this page for more news and info on releases as they happen.

Stand and deliver!

Neil laying down some killer bass.

Dottle at work.

Looks like he's singing! Promise I'm no.

Justin taking a break in the Pentland hills during a recent foray. Have a banana bud!

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