Wednesday 22 April 2020

Unique 'Lockdown' collaboration results in stunning new Jimi music/vid.

A 'Lockdown' collaboration between Jimi, writing partner Neil Warden and over 10 different 'drone' enthusiasts has resulted in this stunning new music video. Take a bird's eye trip across the Scottish Border to 'Hills Where I Began', the second release from Jimi's new project which focuses on poetry as much as piping. "I had been planning to hit the hills during March and April to film video footage for our new song, the words of which are all about the hills I grew up beside in the Scottish Borders" said Jimi, originally from Galashiels.


"The Covid-19 pandemic and near international lockdown put a stop to that. However, I found some excellent drone footage on You Tube of the areas I was interested in covering, so I contacted the owners/operators. They were all very positive and absolutely delighted for me to use their work. I never really thought about using drones before but the breathtaking bird's eye views give a unique edge to this video, I think. I am indebted to them all and so grateful."


Like musicians and performers everywhere, Jimi is grounded until Lockdown is lifted. However, he is pressing on with more new tracks and working closely online with Neil and Galashiels based producer David 'Dottle' Little. "Fortunately most of the actual recording was completed last year" added Jimi. "We have 10 tracks with another two or three in waiting in the wings. Pipes to the minimum but very, very Scottish."


A keen walker, Jimi hopes to be back on the Scottish hills once Lockdown ends. However, he won't be venturing out before then. "I'm a member of a few walking sites on social media and the general consensus is: "stay at home in your local area until all this is over. I could drive up to Glencoe today and climb a mountain, but, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Us experienced walkers need to set a good example. The Mountain Rescue service is bang on with its advice to stay home and walk local. Significant resources and manpower would have to be diverted to save anyone in difficulty on the hills. Also iconic places like Glencoe can, these days, be really busy. The last time I went over the Aonach Eagach ridge it was almost as busy as Princes St. I even bumped into someone I knew! Social distancing can still be a problem on the Scottish hills".


For more information on Jimi's new project and also links to the people he is working with, please scroll down this page.

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