Monday 7 February 2022

New Facebook 'Music' Page for Jimi.

Jimi has just launched a new Facebook 'music' page.

The aim is to help fans and first-time visitors connect with Jimi and his various projects.

2022 is set to be a very busy year for Jimi with two, possibly even three, new music albums in the pipeline for release.

Here's the link:

''As some will know my original 'artist' page disappeared quite abruptly late last year'' said Jimi.

"Tis a longish story but in essence I was on holiday with Carole in Tenerife and tried to log on, at which point 'Facebook' started behaving strangely before totally weirding out, eventually refusing me access. Apparently they thought I was a hacker or something, up to no good!''

According to Jimi matters went from bad to worse and "after a day or two of shouting down the bottomless well that is FB public relations ('hello, is there a human in there to talk to somewhere?') I just gave up and deactivated the page. 
''However, with a lot happening musically this year and having received some nice messages asking what happened to my 'artist' page, I have decided to reinstate it.
''Unfortunately all my old posts were lost when I closed it down. Not all is lost though as I still have the original pics so will upload a good few of them along with accompanying stories over the next wee while. 
Jimi says the new page is open to everyone on Facebook.
''Please feel free to join me on pictorial journeys across Highland mountain tops, Lowland dells and fells, city streets, gorgeous beaches, Border hills, misty isles and stunning sunsets. The best of Scotland really, with visits to wonderful parts of Wales, England and Ireland too. Oh aye, not forgetting music videos from current projects and some from a year or two back.''
Please feel free to check in anytime for a chat and a look around.


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