Saturday 20 August 2022

Jimi to pipe on new Christmas song with Spike from the Quireboys


Jimi's old pal 'Spike' from the 'Quireboys' has asked Jimi to play bagpipes on a new charity Christmas single due for release later this year.

The song has been written especially for Spike by legendary composer and producer Willie Dowling. All proceeds will go to help traumatised armed forces veterans and their families.

Jimi said Spike had telephoned him last week with an urget plea for help.

"Apparently Willie the song writer had hoped to use serving pipers from the Black Watch Pipe Band but that hadn't worked out" said Jimi.

"Spike first mentioned his idea for a charity Xmas single the last time I performed live with him and the Quireboys in Glasgow a couple of years back. I'd said ok but give me plenty notice. Now here he was on the phone, first week of August, saying it had to be done for the end of the month!

"Talk about stress, lol. Anyway, I told him I was very busy with work and my own musical projects but ok, send me over some demos and I'll give it a go".

Since then Jimi has been corresponding with composer Wille Dowling and hopes to record all pipe parts by the end of next week.

"It's actually not too bad a song. I've had a lot of laughs and fun working with Spike over the years and it's all for a decent charity too. Why not" he said.

Spike and Jimmy have been good mates since first hooking up to record a charity version of the Frankie Miller song 'A Bottle of Whisky' with the Scottish Rugby Team 10 years ago. They have performed together on stage many times since then.

The Quireboys made headlines at the start of this year with the annoucement in the music press that they would be touring in 2022 WITHOUT Spike. He was no longer in the band and one of the guitarists would be taking over his singing duties.

"Probably like most folk I was very surprised to read this" said Jimi. "Spike is a great rock singer and a natural frontman. He was also the one remaining member left from the original Quireboys line-up. I like all the lads in the band and I know through personal experience that weird things like this do happen in bands but even so, Spike is my mate and it's just not on."

Jimi said Spike mentioned he was planning to put the original Quireboys back together with a debut performance in their home city of Newcastle.

"He's none too happy about what happened" added Jimi. "We could end up with two different 'The Quireboys' on the rock circuit. I've seen it before on the UK music scene with UB40. There were two of them touring for years, the original singer in one band and all the other original members in the other, both in total denial about the 'other' band's existence. Nuts. 

Right now it's time to give it  a go with this Christmas song and see what happens. A bit of fun for a good cause and you never know what it might bring. Never a dull moment with Spike about."

Jimi performing with Spike, the Quireboys and Scottish music swengali Donald McLeod at The Cat House venue in Glasgow a few years back.

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