Tuesday 28 November 2023

Pics from Jimi's recent visit to the ancient Russian city of Pskov and surrounding Oblast

Some pics from Jimi's recent visit to the ancient Russian city of Pskov, NW Russia, 
Jimi was in Russia, along with artists from Italy, France, Venezuela, Columbia, China and Iran, as part of the 'Here We Stand' tour - an International Festival Against the Cancellation of Russian Culture.
As well as the Pskov Oblast, the 21 date tour included sell-out shows in Moscow and the city of Ryazan and surrounding Oblast.
This was Jimi's first visit to Pskov Oblast, located just 50 km or so from the Lithuanian and Latvian borders with Russia.
He was very taken with the friendliness and warm hearted nature of the people. Also the history and culture of the city which stretches back almost 2,000 years.
 Above all he was impressed by the frankness and openess of people he met. 
"I had some grand discussions and a good laugh with Russian people about just about everything" said Jimi. "Everywhere I went - and I was wandering freely - ordinary folk were coming up and letting me know what they thought about all sorts of stuff.
"Many Pskov residents have good English and my Russian is slowly improving. (I practice everyday) Free speech and a great sense of humour were in evidence everywhere." 
Highlights of the visit included a tour of Pskov Kremlin (castle) an incredible defensive structure which saw off many invading armies from Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and France between the 14th and 19th Centuries. Also a visit to Pitchory Monastery which is an important site in Orthodox Christianity.

Jimi would like to thank the tour organisers - the Caledonian Society of Moscow - and his fellow international performers - Superstar singer Luca Minnelli from Venice, Italian tenor Roberto Gentili and soprano Fabiana Visentin, Columbian singer/songwriter Ana Lucia Calderon and Chinese classical singer Ding Yao.
Also Iranian musicians and artists Mojgan Hoseyni and Shima Shahmohammadi. 
Not forgetting Pavlina Radovanoic, a very talented young singer from Orahovac, Kosovo/Serbia, French classical singer  Francois Mauld d' Aymee and finally the amazing and wonderful 'Herencia' musical collective from Venezuela.
"A month on the road and we all got on great. Friends for life" added Jimi.
 "It really was an eclectic mix of music and culture which the Russian audiences really took to. Packed houses everywhere" 

According to Jimi all the artists were impressed by the high standard of venues, accommodation and hospitality.
"The food was delicious" he said. "All locally sourced, healthy produce. The Russian people eat very well. Even Luca Minnelli kept saying how much he was enjoying the cuisine and it takes a lot to impress an Italian when it comes to food!"
Luca and Jimi have been booked for more shows in Russia this coming December and January.
Watch this site for more details.
Slainte Mhor! 




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    1. Hi Aleona. Thank you for the good vibes and support. You are absolutely correct regarding the pickled tomatoes and woollen pants, lol. Cheers! X

  2. I am so so proud and grateful to all participants, for being honest, strong, real... Stay free! Na zdorovie!